Monday, 26 January 2015

Hens Are Laying and Roosters Are Busy Making The Nest

Emu hens lay their eggs usually every 3-5 days in the early evening. In a season she might lay 15 to 25 eggs averaging 500-700 grams. Farmers go out in the later evening to pick up the eggs to minimize soiling and possible freezing in some areas. The eggs are sometimes a challenge to find as hen and rooster try to hide them from predators until a nest of 8-12 is gathered.

On closer inspection you can see that care has been taken to camouflage the egg with leaves and twigs. In nature the first egg would probably sit there for the better part of a month before the full nest is ready and the rooster goes broody.

As the farmer takes the eggs away the emu pair might look for a new location. Here the egg has been laid in a much more exposed area and so a lot more work has been done to keep it safe.

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