Sunday, 4 January 2015

Emu Crop Circles

Winter weather in Chemainus, Vancouver Island is pretty balmy compared to other parts of Canada and the northern US. The average low/high temperature is 0 deg/7 deg C. When we get snow a couple of times a season it can be a foot deep but stays around for only a week or so. We are usually more concerned in the winter about staying dry.

 A snowfall on the other hand does help a farmer to identify the habits of the emu mob. Looks like these guys have been sleeping out under the stars even with the sub-zero weather. On closer inspection the bare patch looks like a crop circle. Emus like to sleep together with their heads facing into the centre of the circle. That’s where the heat concentrates and helps to warm their heads and long necks (less feather covering than on the body).

These crop circles are also a great place to mine the-morning-after emu droppings for nutritional snacks.

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