Thursday, 17 December 2015

We Are At The Close Of Another Year of Emu Farming

 Art Falardeau Salt Spring Island BC water colour 2012

New Pen Construction in 2015

Top left: 9' pencil posts and top right: no-climb wire

Middle: Magnet bar dragged on the fields to remove any dangerous debris

Below: Automatic water bowls from Jurassic Secret, Ramona CA

Bulk feeders made from modified Home Depot recycling bins that hold 5-44 lb bags of emu pellets
The Easy-Clean Water Bowl

Selecting Coming-Up-Two Potential Breeders in 2015

Right: Coming-Up-Two alpha female selected and removed from the grow-out pen as she was getting aggressive with her pen mates. With the right male she will most likely settle down and be a good potential breeder.

Below: Coming-Up-Two beta female was joined with an existing pair and blended well. She had been walking a mutual fence line and making motions that she liked that male well enough.

Chick house cleaned and prepared for 2016 hatch

Moving Mature Birds in 2015

Easy when the farmer is prepared. Portable fence panels erected and portable brightly coloured blinds leave no doubt for the bird as to which is the right direction to move.

Manual encouragement is being employed here. The second and third photos show how to move the bird along the lane-way using a firm hold on the bird's two wings and steering its body with the farmer's knees.

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