Monday, 7 April 2014

In Australia when "fall is in the air" (Mar-May) it signals Emu Breeding Time

An illustration based on aboriginal style of dot painting
depicting emu (
As this emu farm is well into breeding season I thought it was time to reflect on Australian emu roots.

Using an aboriginal symbol glossary as reference here is one Canadian emu farmer's interpretation of this dot painting by Debora Cilli.

Bottom right:  The concentric circles portray the social camaraderie of the emu community. Their nomadic travels through the temperate and grassland areas of Australia are depicted by the emu footprints entering and leaving the circle. Similarly when emu bed down for the night they gather in circle formation with their heads at the centre.

Centre Line:  The meandering centre line represents a river and depicts the constant searching by emu for this life force. It also separates the 6 months of social behaviour from the mating activities of breeding pairs.

Top Left:  Shows emu mating responsibilities: after she has laid 8-12 eggs he will know it is time to go broody and he will drive her away to find another mate.

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